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We bought Chez Nicholas in 2000, and renovated it inside and out. This shows the front of the house. The terrace is adjacent to the kitchen, which makes it convenient to eat outdoors. The second story window on the left (with the medieval metal bars) is the bathroom, and to the right is the master bedroom. Between them is a sundial.
This picture to show the approach to the house, via a small lane called Impasse des Tards. Parking for the house is just in front of the tall hedge in the middle of the picture, but the house itself is hidden from view. In front of the house is rolling farmland, some years there are cows, and other years a field of sunflowers. With a tall hedge on one side and a stone wall on the other, the 600 square metre garden is very private.

The picture on the right shows the side of the house with the parking space; if you look carefully at the wall of the house (you can enlarge the picture), you will see a few stones projecting from the wall. Our mason says that in the past, whenever an employer brought the mason a drink, the latter would mark the occasion by inserting a stone in this fashion. Our mason doesn't drink on the job, so all of these date from the original construction.

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